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15% Off Garden Offices | August Offer | Yorkshire

All our bespoke designed and installed Garden Offices are available throughout Yorkshire and Increasingly it makes sense to work from home, either as a small business owner, or an executive that floats between Head Office and clients. Writers, Graphic Designers, Photographers, Interior Designers and Architects often take inspiration from their mood, which can be significantly influenced by their surroundings. Having a fully functional garden office affords the owner the luxury and flexibility of operating from home whilst still in a dedicated working environment.

Garden Offices From 7995

Be it traditional or contemporary, many of the features of our garden offices are shared. All walls and floor can be insulated with a minimum of 100mm insulation. The structurally graded timber frame is clad in a sheet material, such as ply for wind bracing and added structural integrity. Finally, the whole structure is wrapped in a high quality breathable membrane prior to cladding the walls in either western red cedar, pressure treated softwood or desired hard wood finish. All doors and windows are double glazed with toughened glass where required.

Garden Offices from 9995
Garden Offices

The style and finish of the interior requires careful consideration and specification. We can cater from simple internal sheet material cladding through to fully decorated plaster board and plaster. Thereafter the choice of features are mostly no different to a house, Electrics, Plumbing, Heating, WiFi etc are all options.
We are happy to use a wide range of roofing materials to complement the existing garden and architectural surroundings. For pitched roofs this could be number 1 grade western red cedar shingles, slate, clay tiles, rosemary tiles. For flat roofs the finish can be either GRP, roofing grade rubber or living sedum turf. The options are endless. As well as our unique designs it is this attention to detail that separate our bespoke structures from mass produced kits and other less considered alternatives.

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