Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Simon Bowler | Cedar Roofing and Cladding

Cedar Roofing and Cladding throughout Yorkshire.

For a truly unique and bespoke roofing or cladding solution throughout Yorkshire, you must consider Cedar. We regularly use cedar shingles as a roofing finish. We are extremely specific when it comes to choosing our quality of shingles as there are many grades available. Quite simply, we only use the highest grade, namely Certigrade No.1Grade (Blue Label) Western Red Cedar. These are 100% Edge Grain, 100% Heartwood and 100% Clear (no knots). By using only this grade of shingles it allows us to minimise waste and, when roof pitch allows, fit the shingles at their maximum exposure. Cedar shingles fade to a natural sun bleached grey colour within 12 months, after which their colour remains stable. We only use stainless steel fixings. This is critical as the use of ferrous fixings damages and stains the cedar, reducing its waterproof qualities. As an extra measure, we use a high quality breathable roofing membrane prior to fitting the shingles.
Not only is cedar good for roofs in the form of shingles, cedar is perfect for cladding walls of any description.  Western red cedar is regularly used to clad the walls of our summerhouses, garden offices and garages. As with the shingles, its colour changes over time to a weathered grey. We also use western red cedar for our slatted screen fences. Cedar cladding is also perfect for covering unsightly walls, turning them into a beautiful garden feature.
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